🚀  We create reliable business connections in an anonymous digital world. Twire brings together the best freelancers and clients via a Web3 services marketplace.

<aside> 🚀 Vision Statement Through on-chain interactions, we make track records, skills, and service quality transparent. We build Web3’s business avatar layer by equipping the workforce of the next generation with jobs.


<aside> 🔥 Mission Statement Our mission is to unite freelancers, service providers, bold partners, and ambitious clients in Web3 culture. Together, we build and collaborate to deliver cutting-edge and trend-setting Web3 projects.


❤️ Become part of a true community

Twire is a Service DAO, formed by selected members of corporations & freelancers.

We brought together DACH’s best Web3 freelancer and service provider and built a solid reputation for high performance and quality. Thus, twire has an almost unique element most crypto organizations are lacking: Trust

🤝 Become a partner

We build Web3 together.

We work with the best humans in this space to embrace the next generation of the web.

As a partner, what we call a Bounty Issuer, you become a member of the twire community.

Bounty Issuers can create projects and project teams to use the full power of the community.

Bounty Issuers as members of the community can present themselves publicly as part of twire.

👀 Become a web3 native

The members of the twire community choose every Bounty Issuer.

Twire publishes the first cohort of 10 Bounty Issuers at 11/12/22

To apply, every Bounty Issuer needs two things:

1) You need an active member that vouches for you

2) You need to submit an application, 👉  here